• myBalance is the center of everything you need to track your progress, goals, rewards and purchases
  • myNutrition helps you keep track of your daily food intake and create new meals with our extensive library of healthy delicious recipes
  • myFitness offers everyday tips on how to stay active
  • mySupport gives you the accountability and additional motivation you need so you're never alone on your journey to a more balanced you
  • myRewards allows you to track every Balapoint you earn, through accomplishing goals, purchasing products and much more.
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  • Monitor your weight, body measurments, and calories burned throughout the day
  • Easily calculate BMI, body fat, daily caloric needs (RDI), macronutrient requirements, target weight, pace and target heart rate
  • Check out our daily exercise tips and enroll into our virtual physical therapy program
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  • Join our community forum and use it as a tool of accountability and motivation on your myBalaFive journey
  • myBalaFive is the center of information on your body, our system, and how it works to balance the biology of you
  • Create your own Power of 5 Team to stay motivated and gain support along the way
  • Create, tell, and share your story with other BalaFivers. Be an inspiration to all!
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  • Earn Balapoints through accomplishing goals, purchasing products and much more, and convert them to Balabucks to buy Cheat Smart snacks!
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